Complete Initial Setup:
With your input we carefully evaluate the intake forms you are currently using. We then use that information to design a set of encounter and patient information forms that are clear and effective and will simplify the paperwork burden for your practice.

Electronic Billing and Secondary Claims:
Claims are submitted electronically within the first 48 hours of receiving them by your practice. Clean claims are usually paid within 14 days. However we have seen claims paid as little as 7 days. Depending on the carrier electronic reimbursement averages 14 days. Claims with multiple payers are normally crossed-over automatically by the primary payer to the secondary payer.

Auto Accidents and Workman’s Comp Cases:
Island Pro uses custom software that has the necessary forms such as the NF-3 and the C-4 forms which is required when billing to these particular carriers.

Payments and Posting:
Each EOB is analyzed and the appropriate payment posted for the proper claim. Your practice receives the un-cashed checks and is billed monthly only on collected accounts.

Patient Billing:
Monthly statements are mailed for each account which clearly identifies patients’ responsibilities such as co-pays, coinsurance, and/or deductibles. It is our recommendation that as many co-pays as possible be collected in the office. We will follow your specified protocol for collecting on patient balances.

Billing Inquiries: We understand that patient billing inquiries are very time consuming for medical offices. We understand that patients are often confused. We answer all questions from patients promptly, and courteously, and we assure the patient that they can always call if they have additional questions.


What Island Professional Billing Will Do For You

We will

  • prepare quarterly financial data review
  • monitoring and analysis of all reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid and all managed care contract sources
  • prepare patient balance tracking/collections according to your group specifications
  • follow up on unpaid/denied claims
  • follow up on claims paid within 12 days after submission
  • prepare precise month-end report preparation
  • prepare current information on CPT and ICD-9 codes
  • prepare and submit patients statements
  • will train in practice analysis through reporting
  • will train in claims processing/unpaid claims follow-up
  • will give fee schedule analysis
  • We are expert negotiators on fee for service claims and have certified coders on staff

We also provide:

Valuable advice and assistance for you and your staff. Island Pro’s management team are experts at recognizing cost savings measures. We specialize in the business side of medicine, and we watch for ideas and opportunities to increase your revenue.

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